Interviewer vs. Interviewer

Interviewer vs. Interviewer
( Click on picture to view) Elizabeth Lund--Host of Poetic Lines interviews Host of Poet to Poet-- Doug Holder

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene: Feb 12 5PM Doug Holder Interviews Novelist Belle Brett on Poet to Poet Writer to Writer

Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene: Feb 12 5PM Doug Holder Interviews Novelist Belle...:   ( Click on for full information)

Novelist Belle Brett  see it live on 5PM on  In Brett’s debut novel, an American student embarks on a jo...

Novelist Belle Brett 

Feb 12 5PM Doug Holder Interviews Belle Brett about her new novel " Gina in the Floating World"

Gina in the Floating World

In a whirlwind of hopes and fears, 23-year old Dorothy Falwell travels to Tokyo to pursue an international banking internship, far away from her restrictive Midwest Catholic upbringing. It is 1981, and Japan, with its booming economy and complex culture, is her Oz. The ambitious, but na├»ve Dorothy must figure out how to navigate the twists and unexpected detours on her personal journey, especially after she accepts a job as a hostess in a run-down suburban bar to support her venture. Renamed Gina by her blustery bar boss, she finds that her new friends aren’t the most reliable guides. In contrast, the suave Mr. Tambuki appears to have all the answers and is even willing to pay Gina to spend time with him. Patiently, he lures her into his world of unorthodox Zen instruction, erotic art, and high octane sex. Small wonder that her moral compass goes haywire, and the bizarre starts to feel normal. But when she realizes she may be in grave danger, will she find herself at a point of no return? Or will she, like the Dorothy for whom she is named, discover that she had power over her destiny all along?