Interviewer vs. Interviewer

Interviewer vs. Interviewer
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Monday, December 31, 2018

Jan 8, 2018 5PM Steven Ostrowski and Benjamin Ostrowski: Father and Son Write to Each Other

Ben  and  Steve Ostrowski 

Penultimate Human Constellation by Steven Ostrowski and Benjamin Ostrowski

“You will never encounter another volume of poetry like this. Father and son, Steven and Benjamin Ostrowski give the reader the most intimate and engaging look into a closeness between two family members I’ve yet encountered; a dialogue couched in experimental form and imagery that is always fresh and inventive. A book of correspondences that often spans oceans and continents as the two are separated. Not a single lazy line and nothing telegraphed. Surprises abound around every corner, hallmarked by wit, love and a genuine, deep affection for one another. Each poem is masterfully sectioned by the authors, a joy to read. Would that all fathers and sons could share such a genuine interest in each other’s lives. Imaginative writing at its very finest, employing free-association writing techniques that keep the reader transfixed and entertained page after page. Unique is a term often overused. Penultimate Human Constellation is inarguably unique, and lives up to the volume’s title in the most unanticipated and delightful ways.” -Robert Nazarene, founding editor & publisher,
The American Journal of Poetry