Interviewer vs. Interviewer

Interviewer vs. Interviewer
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Friday, September 28, 2018

Oct. 2, 2018. Poet, Cook, Entrepreneur -- Joshua Lewin

Josh Lewin

Joshua Lewin is a cook, entrepreneur, and storyteller, who mixes technique and mediums into a unique and immersive experience, whether at the table, on the page, or beyond. 

Exploring new styles of narrative through poetry, prose, and mixed media applications, Lewin also owns and operates Juliet, with Katrina Jazayeri. Juliet is home to Somerville’s most unique dining experience, open morning through night, showcasing a combination of culinary and service excellence alongside bold storytelling, and trailblazing a new paradigm of supportive and professional restaurant careers. 

In addition to Doug Holder's locally focussed poetry columns for The Somerville Times and online, Lewin’s writing has appeared in EATER Boston, Chefs Feed, The Huffington Post, WBUR’s Cognoscenti, Food Arts, and more, as well as in the print publication, a combination of literary journal and food interest magazine, Of Juliet, produced by the team of the restaurant since January 2018. 

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