Interviewer vs. Interviewer

Interviewer vs. Interviewer
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Sunday, April 10, 2005

My guest will be Manson Kennedy, program director of the "Books of Hope"project.

With both an academic and fine arts education, from Harvard and the Kansas City Art Institute, Manson is a professional photographer and filmmaker. Since the 1960's, he has periodically taught and worked with college-level art students, penitentiary inmates, and inner-city youth.
For thirteen years, Mr. Kennedy was a trustee at the Catlin Gabel School in Oregon. He served on the board there in several capacities: as head of the recruitment committee; as a member of the executive committee; as vice president; as head of annual giving for the school; and as a member of a headmaster search committee. As part of an advisory team for the NAIS, he also evaluated boards of trustees at other independent schools in the Pacific Northwest.
As Program Manager, Manson helps to plan and coordinate the activities and curriculum for Books of Hope sessions and does the grantwriting for the BOH program. He designed the activities and curriculum for the sessions at Clarendon Hill Community Center and Mystic Learning Center. In 2004, he designed and managed a successful summer writing/performing program for Boston youth at the Strand Theater. He was recently invited to give a youth writing workshop at the Camile Cosby Girls’ Program at Harvard’s Judge Baker Children’s Center. He has been with BOH for four years.June 14 2005 5PM: "The Books of Hope" Project:

A joint program of the Somerville Arts Council and the Mystic Learning Center, Books of Hope (BOH) seeks to create opportunities for self-expression and advocacy through creative writing, so that young people can reach out to each other, to their neighbors, and to others around the world. This creative writing program for teens is held at the Mystic Learning Center. The BOH authors are involved in the publishing process from start to finish – from formulating an idea and writing and editing multiple drafts to publishing the book and selling the finished project. Since 1999, over fifty youth have produced over 75 books. Almost all authors have returned to publish again and again, some now working on their third and fourth books