Interviewer vs. Interviewer

Interviewer vs. Interviewer
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Poet,Writer, Professor Kevin Carey author of the short story collection " Beach People" July 7 5PM

Kevin Carey

Kevin Carey teaches in the English Department at Salem State University. He writes poetry, fiction, drama, and the occasional personal essay. His work can be found in several literary journals:  The Apple Valley Review,  The Literary Review, The Comstock Review, and The Paterson Literary Review.

See new poem
See recent interview with Kevin:
His book of poetry, The One Fifteen to Penn Station, is available from CavanKerry Press, NJ. and A new book of poems, Jesus Was a Homeboy, is forthcoming (Fall 2016 - CK Press).
“Carey’s poems, firmly rooted in the American landscape of the city and its surrounding towns, bring these places and people alive for us in poetry that is specific, clear, and unflinching,” Maria Mazziotti Gillan
 A new chapbbok of fiction - The Beach People - from Red Bird Chapbooks. Now available at
"In Carey’s fiction we meet a band of fast food workers, bartenders, carny operators, a bookie, a nursing home resident and a retired Navy man, all of them intersecting at the boardwalk institutions of this urban beach. These are not the suntan lathered bathing beauties or the muscle men who fawn over them. These are not the families with children making sand castles at low tide. These “Beach People” live across the street, working day after day, trying to survive, in sometimes desperate ways, the insanity of the routine, wanting more but settling for less, and daring to dream too much."

New poems Chicago / Wishing Well
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Reading of a poem Crazy Stuff at book launch.
Watch a new short film collaboration (with his son)
Watch a Revere Beach music video Kevin made in the 90's of the band West
His latest documentary project is a film about New Jersey poet Maria Mazziotti Gillan called All That Lies Between Us.
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