Interviewer vs. Interviewer

Interviewer vs. Interviewer
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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jan 9 2007 5PM My guest will be Nate Graziano.

I currently live in Manchester, New Hampshire with my beautiful wife Liz and two beautiful children, Paige and Owen. I teach writing at Pembroke Academy in Pembroke, New Hampshire.
In 2002, my first hardcover collection of fiction Frostbite was published by Green Bean Press. In October of 2003, my first full-length collection of poetry Not So Profound was also published by Green Bean Press. I'm the author of a number chapbooks and broadsides of poetry and fiction. In July, sunnyoutside will be publishing a new volume of poetry titled Honey, I'm Home.
I was born in 1975 and grew up in West Warwick, Rhode Island. I attended college at Plymouth State in New Hampshire, lived a year in Las Vegas, and have since been freezing my ass off here. I'm currently a part-time graduate student in the fiction writing program at the University of New Hampshire. For more information, read my books. They reveal a lot.
My work has been published by some of the following print journals, zines and organizations: Nerve Cowboy, Staplegun, The Black Bear Review, Way Station Magazine, Heeltap, The Owen Wister Review, Angelflesh, The Chiron Review, Unwound, Iodine, Poesy, Art:Mag, Blind Man's Rainbow, The Silt Reader, Heeltap, Gros Textes(Belgium), The Brobdingnagian Times(Ireland), Main Street Rag, Controlled Burn, Anthills, The Dublin Quarterly (Ireland) and Bottle 3.
Places To find my work on-line: